Spending real money on MMORPG games . Is it worth ?


You have got a cool game installed on your phone, and as the game gets interesting you would mostly want to go more deeper into the game, but then comes the  part where you have to complete a certain  quest  with certain amount of game resources.

You only got two options:

  1. Play previously completed levels around 10 to 15 times to earn the resources
  2. buy the resources directly using the in-app purchase.

For most of them this is kind of difficult, people addicted to the game forces themselves into buying those resources, the rest would mostly uninstall the game and go for a similar one with a better story line.

So is it worth ? Nope. The truth is your spending your hard earned money  on something useless. Once you buy it , you just keep on buying it. The problem with MMORPG games are that its never ending or the trend keeps changing every month. That because new games release every month, and people doesn’t stick on with one game for a long period of time.

Save and use that money for something useful !!


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