Using desktop or laptop to share internet

Hi. I am going to teach you an exact way of how to use your laptop to share internet through your laptop’s wifi.

There is a very good application called connectify that helps you  get connected to the internet  in all ways possible. The application lets you use it to the maximum only if you buy the premium version of it. But I will show you how to get connected to the internet using a 3g or 2g  dongle  to share internet through your laptops wifi.

The following methods support all devices including PS3 and android.

We have to create a dummy accesspoint

step 1: In windows 7  select control panel->select”view network status and tasks”->select”manage wireless networks”->Click on the add button.

step 2: select “manually create a network profile’

step 3: enter the name of the network.( type any name u wish )

step 4:select the type of security(my prefered choice is WPA2-personal)

step5 :leave encrytpion type as it is.

step6: click on next.

Now you have created your own dummy accesspoint. The next step is using windows 7’s inbuilt feature known as internet connection sharing, We can share the internet from a 3g dongle and make the laptop as a wifi router.

Step7: go to control panel->select”view network status and tasks”->Select “change adapter settings”.

step 8: right click on the modem which is currently being used for internet.(mine was Airtel).

step 9: Select properties

step 10: click on the sharing tab. ->enable “allow all network users”.

step 11:  select home network connection. Here we have to select through which way we are going to share the data.

Step 12: Select wireless network connection 2. This is because we created a dummy accesspoint  in wireless network connection 2.

After this step u have to go to command prompt to create the hosted network,

run command prompt as administrator privilege.

step 1: create hostednetwork

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=YourVirtualNetworkName key=YourNetworkPassword

step 2: start hostednetwork
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

the above two steps will create and start the hosted network. Now Ur internet from Ur dongle will get shared through WiFi . any device can be connected to it.Your Laptop will act as a WiFi router. 


7 thoughts on “Using desktop or laptop to share internet

  1. it really very helpful…all goes well.but while i get connect with it my mobile device raises”authenticating problem”.i checked my password and corrected it.but again it shows”obtaining ip address”.after a certain period of time i get disconnected…can u please help me. my os is windows 7 and my android device is karbonn st52.
    thanx in advance

  2. after entering the command in step 2(start hostednetwork) it says ” the hosted network couldn`t be started “…”a device attached to the system is not functioning”…what should i do

  3. I am using idea netsetter 3G dongle , followed all the steps , it even showed “connected ” on my phone but it isn’t working….please help through this…

  4. Dear Friend,

    I can find my network in my mobile, it keeps on authenticating and it is not connected. I am facing similar issue as Nalayani.. What remedy we can follow? this is a useful post..

    • Hi Dharanidharan ,

      Please check your command prompt
      netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=the network name key=the password you set
      This will occur if you haven’t set the command prompt correctly

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